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Clergy Key Dates Quick Reference

August 29 2022

For Immediate Release August 25, 2022

The following list of annual administrative requirements has been compiled to help you understand the major events and requirements over the course of the appointment year (July 1 - June 30). They are listed chronologically along with the dates responses are needed. Please note the dates for ongoing consultation and evaluations vary by district. Finally a printer-friendly version of this document is attached for you to use or share.

1. Appointment Preparation – The district office will send out an electronic letter from Bishop Swanson to all S/PPRC chairs and appointed clergy about preparing for the advisory and the appointment process on September 21st. Clergy members will have three requirements (the advisory form and the two profiles) in this process which must all be completed by November 15, 2022.

     a. Advisory Form - The advisory form which you receive on September 21st should be returned to the district office by November 15th.

     b. Clergy Profile – Your clergy profile is updated online.  You can access the link to update your clergy profile on the People Portal. Be sure to click the green "I'm DONE" button at the bottom and date your submission. Note you can save a partial response and complete it later.
     c.  Church Profile - Your church profile is also updated online. You can access the link to update your church profile on the People Portal.  Be sure to click the green "I'm DONE" button at the bottom and date your submission.

2. Associate Pastor Letters – Rev. Tim Thompson, Assistant to the Bishop, will send out letters to churches on Sept. 28th about their associate pastor needs and job descriptions for the coming year.  Church responses are due back on Nov. 1st to the district office.

3. Ongoing Consultation - An email will go out to all East Jackson clergy by early September regarding signing up for your slot.  Ongoing consultation with DS and clergy will begin in November. Like in previous years, if you are sensing a need or desire to move next year, schedule a time at the earliest available opportunity. 

4. Charge Conference - The actual date will be set by your East Jackson County Connection Group. You will need to complete your internal church processes related to lay leadership (nominations), S/PPRC (clergy salary compensation sheet, lay servant, and candidates for ministry), and trustees (insurance, safe sanctuary, parsonage, etc.) in time to meet these meeting deadlines. For more details on this process click here. To view the August 1st email to pastors click here.

5. Clergy Compensation Sheet  - Due as part of the charge conference process and should be signed and emailed to the district office within two days of the completion of a charge conference approval of a salary package. Remember, clergy salaries can only be changed by a charge conference.  To access the electronic Excel file to complete this requirement click here.

6. Annual Wellness Visit Form or Healthy You $75 Rebate Form is due Nov. 23, 2022.

      a.  For those participants in the conference health insurance program who want access to the Health You Rebate Form to claim your $75 rebate click here. Note, up to three family members on your insurance are eligible for this benefit.

      b. For those clergy not on conference insurance, click here for the Annual Wellness Visit Form.

7. Personal Contact Information - Clergy who recently moved should have already updated your contact information on the People Portal.  As a reminder, clergy-not district offices- are responsible for maintaining your current contact information in the Brick River database.  For those moving next year, you should update all appropriate changes to your personal contact information (address, email or phone) on the People Portal by June 30, 2023. Please coordinate with your district office to update your spouse’s information as needed.

8. Fund Balance Reports are due annually on June 30th. To access an editable version of this report form click here. To read the detailed audit guidance from this year for EJ churches click here.  We will notify churches in the spring if your category of audit for your church changes based on your budget.

9. S/PPRC Ministry Evaluations are due May 1, 2023, for East Jackson clergy.  Like last year, we are continuing with our shifting of evaluations from the fall to the month of May.  It is my continued desire that this change will help to provide an appropriate emphasis on goal-setting and reflection. Our deepest desire is that the evaluation process becomes a healthy constructive feedback opportunity instead of expressing a desire for a change in appointment. To access the form for clergy who have served for over one year in their current appointment click here. To access the form for clergy who have served less than one year in their current appointment click here.


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